in flight

Fate? Or Coincidence?

in flight

Several months ago, I was walking through the airport in Lexington, KY. My headphones ' charge had died so I was having to hear the ambient noise in the terminal! Horrible, right? Wrong. Walking along the airline counters row, I heard from my right and to the rear someone say, 'Hey, that's the Barbell Guy I was telling you about!" Looking over I saw a young man, late 20's, standing with a young lady (same age range). He had the almost obligatory Rogue t-shirt on; goatee, shaved head. Yoga pants on the gal. I slowed down to see who they were talking about when the gentleman pointed at me and said, "Brian J! The Barbell Guy from the video". The video he was referring to is the 2015 Starting Strength Coaches Conference where I spoke about my accident and my recovery. It can be found on the homepage right here on

Starting Strength has long arms . .multiple arms . . . so I don't kid myself into thinking that this recognition had anything to do with my contributions. Merely a by-product of an outstanding organization continuing to spread the good word about barbells and strength training in the most effective manner possible. But still - it was my first every time being "recognized". Or at least that I am aware.

The drive home from the airport that evening was spent rolling over in my mind, "The Barbell Guy . .. the Barbell Guy. . .hell, I should be the Barbell Guy". It was obvious to me that somewhere out there was The Barbell Guy . .complete with the website, the business, the social media etc. Lucky bastard. So I began thinking of possible derivations should I ever decide to take my story and my mission a little further - Nah . . it wasn't meant to be.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. Asleep at 2 am, I awoke with a start. Evidently even in my sleep I was ruminating on this SOB - The Barbell Guy. "I've got to see who this guy is" (yes, I left that preposition dangling - sorry Mrs Jack (high school English teacher). Gimme a break, it was 2 a.m. Plodding down the stairs, I was somewhere between dejected and well grumpy. This guy took my identity . . well, kind of. . not really but this was my experience so I speak the truth; no forked tongue here.

The glow of my Mac screen was little comfort as I typed in www.the RETURN. "Destination not found" . . what? WWW.THEBARBELLGUY.COM. RETURN. Mac told me, "'s server IP address could not be found". That was when the goosebumps raised on my arms. Going to "the Google" and typed in 10 different versions of the Barbell Guy. There were more guys with barbells than Planet Fitness (ba da bum! Thank you, tip your waitresses) but not THE BARBELL GUY. Now the hair on the back my neck was at attention also. I am not ashamed to say that my hands were shaking when as I typed in THE BARBELL GUY into a "Check your domain availability". RETURN. "Domain not found" . . . . say whaaaa?

Sometimes things are meant to be. It has taken me 9 years to get to this point but I can say that I believe I was meant to fall off that roof. I was meant to hear, "Hey, thats the Barbell Guy" and I am meant to be here typing this to you. I am THE BARBELL GUY.